What do you expect from a skin and hair care brand? To give you clear, glowing skin and healthy, glossy locks. The latest in technology? Safety standards for hypoallergenic skin and scalp? For O-WAY agricosmetics,  “the organic way of life” that’s not enough. O-WAY deliver you high-end, high-quality products that are sustainable from start to end, aren’t testing on animals and adhere to a strict ethical ethos. O-WAY was officially launched in SA on the first of May and I’ve been using some of the products for over six weeks to really test them out. My results have so positive and that even other people have noticed the change. 

argicosmetics was a word I had never heard before because O-WAY created the term to speak about their way of doing business. O-WAY started all the way back in 1948 at the Ortofficina farm in Bologna, where they grow as many botanicals as possible by bio-dynamic means. Through their own biodynamic agriculture, O-WAY can maintain organic ingredients, free of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. This also keeps transport to their state of the art laboratory to a bare minimum, reducing carbon footprint.

What can’t grow in Italy is sourced from fair trade farms to keep in line with their high ethics manifesto. O-WAY distil their essential oils, extracts and hydrolates on site to ensure a high concentration of botanical ingredients. “At OWAY, we are pragmatic dreamers, tireless creatives, design fanatics, and indefatigable researchers into the innovation that can help us make our present and future more sustainable.” This is more than a brand, it’s a set of values first and foremost.

Those values include a holistic approach to the environment, not testing on animals and all the people who work for O-WAY from seed to salon. Some of their environmental practices include not using synthetic fertilisers, like conventional fertilisers. Here are the three main principles O-WAY’s argicultures uses: “Keep plants healthy without using any chemical substances; keep soil fertile by cultivation using biodynamic cultivation and cumulus; rely on the moon influence for proper sowing and harvesting and to obtain ingredients rich in active and nutritious elements”. O-WAY show respect for the environment using a circular production, using renewable energy and recyclable packaging like glass and aluminium for packaging. They keep they packing itself to a minimal instead of overpackaging and they are currently developing ways to reduce the small amount of plastic in their packaging.

Personally, I chose not to use any cosmetics in 2015 and have slowly extended it to hygiene and household products. O-WAY obtained PETA certification in 2018, they have never tested on animals and chose not to sell in China where testing is required by law. It’s a relief to find a brand with morals that align with my own. “THE ORGANIC WAY OF LIFE begins at the company with the use of renewable energy and electric cars, recycling of materials, eco-sustainable furniture, yoga lessons and zero-mile organic shopping for employees.” A corporate culture that invests in staffs wellbeing and state of mind is another thing that’s hugely important to me.

Such a holistic brand is a godsend. I’ve used the Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath and the Frequent Use Conditioner, each cost R365 for 240ml. I only wash my hair twice a week, about every 3 or 4 days and for 2 or 3 weeks my scalp got oily slightly quicker than normal. Dry shampoo sorted it out and after that my hair has been shinier and softer with more bounce than normal, which is important as my hair is usually quite flat. O-WAY is available at selected Sorbet stores nationwide.