Meet Dermalogica! A skincare starter pack from the iconic brand that’s perfect to hit the reset button on your skincare regime. I was lucky enough to get reacquainted with Dermalogica and some of their most popular products in a session at the Rosebank Concept Store. For two weeks I’ve been using this kit and seen a huge improvement!

The Stylist's Notebook- Meet Dermalogica

The Skin Bar

At an intimate gathering hosted by Dermalogica and Genevieve of Passports & Perrignon, we were guided through the kit and experienced the Dermalogica Skin Bar. The collection is a great introduction to the brand, inside is the Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream and Multivitamin Power Firm. The skin care therapists started by asking about our individual skin care concerns before talking us through each product. Then we got to try it all out at the Dermalogica Skin Bar. What’s great about the Skin Bar is you get to use professionally recommended products first hand before you decide to buy anything. The opportunity to feel each product on your skin before making a decision is really wonderful. I also think it speaks to the quality of the brand- they know that once you try it in-store you’ll feel the difference.

I found chatting to skin care therapists to get educated on the products best for me and how to apply them correctly was super informative. Knowing these things is so important if you’re investing in high quality items. For instance one of the things I learnt is that I had previously used the Daily Mircofoliant all wrong. I know, why was I spending Randelas just to get half the benefits of the product? It’s best to use the Daily Mircofoliant by creating a really soft foam out of the fine granules by adding water and mixing with a fine brush, like the fan brush pictured. Who knew?

The Stylist's Notebook- Meet Dermalogica

My Skin Concerns

Some of the concerns I voiced were my hormonal acne and signs of ageing. Every four weeks my skin flares up then just as it starts calming down and discolouration from healing acne stops, the cycle begins again. I didn’t have acne in high school, getting it around the age of 26 was no fun. ‘Cause I’m also getting crows feet now. The skin therapist I spoke to, chatted about lifestyle choices that could contribute and suggested I increase my Milk Thistle supplement intake to help my liver out a bit and look into hormone balancing.

How would the products help me? The Special Cleansing Gel is soap free and removes impurities without disrupting the skin’s balance. I usually use cream-based formulas and was surprised that this has been so gentle. Daily Mircofoliant is one of Dermalogica’s best sellers and with good reason. It brightens skin from the first use. The rice based formula is water activated, so mild chemical exfoliation takes place instead of a mechanical (physical) exfoliation which experts say is safer for skin in the long term. So cleaning away impurities and refining skin texture would help with both blemishes and ageing concerns. Skin Smoothing Cream balances the skin by soothing, hydrating and shielding from environmental damage.  Last but not least, Multivitamin Power Firm focuses on accelerating the skin’s natural repair process and increasing elasticity levels.

The Results

I followed the new product regime and the advice given (with the exception of Easter weekend where I let loose a little and forgave myself for it). I will only ever be completely honest on this blog- I have seen a difference in my skin’s clarity, texture and brightness. Other people have commented on it too. My mom hasn’t even tilted her head and told me how concerned about my skin she is. It’s been so good that there are days when I go out with just mascara and my eyebrows done, not a stitch of makeup on my skin itself. I used to be able to do that all the time! It’s a great feeling.

The Stylist's Notebook- Meet Dermalogica

After using the Meet Dermalogica Kit, my next step is to go back to Dermalogica for Face Mapping so we can track the changes on my client profile.  You can get this kit for a special price of R349, half of the regular R699 during April 2018. It’s really good value for money and the size is ideal for frequent travellers, available online or at selected stockists.

Just a disclaimer, I also got my hands on Dermalogica’s Precleanse, which removes makeup, oil and dirty before the washing process and I’ve been using an SPF from another brand over the Skin Smoothing Cream during the day. It’s a brand I was using before, so I do think the changes in other products have made a genuine difference.