I’m a huge believer of having routines and rituals setting you up for the day so I’ve put together journal prompts to revise your routine. Starting your day off in a good way makes other things fall into place but sometimes the way we do things stops working for us. How do you figure out what to keep and what to stop? How do you structure a workflow that brings about both ease and productivity? I put together some journal prompts after I did this process and heard back from people who wanted me to share it.

Right now it’s a cold, crisp, blustering day in the middle of South Africa’s lockdown. After 8 weeks in necessarily strict quarantine, South African’s heard that restrictions will loosen slightly but for most people, the call to stay home is still in place. Before this was announced I sat down to look at my goals from the beginning of 2020. I reflected on which were still achievable, which were still reasonable and if there were any goals I didn’t want any more. This little check-in helped me figure out what I want to work towards for the future. There are cool new things I want to learn or create.  I realised I needed to adjust my actions on a small, daily level to help those happen.

This is where the journal prompts to revise your routine came from. I’ve written about the importance of routines and rituals before in my Work From Home Tips and My Nightly Routine.

This time it started with asking which days had been good and what actions or tasks I did. Which days had bad moments that turned into bad days and what I did differently when the opposite occurred? I figured out which grounding practices were helpful and what things I let creep in that were hindering. For instance, the days I meditate I’m more clear-minded and purposeful in everything I do. Do I love spending time playing Scrabble Go with friends and (mostly) strangers from around the world? Yes! Is that the best use of my time when I have other things I could apply myself to? Probably not until after 18:00 and on weekends if I’m honest with myself.

Making these observations and building my ‘ultimate quarantine’ day helped me set up a little structure which I really need. I’ll also mention that not every day has the same structure. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has some commitments on certain days which changes my timeline on those days. If you’re doing this for yourself, please accommodate for that. Another thing, sometimes we think it would be great to do all our favourite effortful practices in a day. It would!

Imagine meditating, having a morning coffee while the morning light moves along your bedroom walls and journaling before getting to your mindful movement, following that up with some skincare and self-care before a moreish breakfast. Imagine pulling an oracle card and setting an intention for the day then calming responding to emails and completing admin. Or being able to balance your workload with chatting to friends and keeping your house tidy, then taking afternoon stroll before doing some personal stuff, still getting time for your creative endeavours and cooking a nourishing dinner. That would be dreamy. Would it be humanly possible? In one day… or every day? I’m going with no.

Personally, I can’t fit in all of those things in one day. I like to pick one to two grounding practices to do daily, a few more to do twice week and some only once a week. So there’s space to figure that out and write a general to-do list in the Journal Prompts to Revise your Routine printable. I’ve also thrown in a daily and weekly planner set out the way I’m currently using my bullet journal.

If you have your own bullet journal or a beautifully printed planner already, feel free to only print the first two pages of this PDF and save some trees. Set aside 10 minutes, pour yourself some tea (or coffee) and figure how your day can serve you best.