The first piece of jewellery I remember owning was a pair of yellow gold studs. Plain, simple, with a tiny-as-can-be ball as the only form of decoration so I could wear them to school. I was obsessed with the idea of wearing different earrings that were more interesting because of how ‘boring’ these plain studs were to my 7-year-old school girl brain. Fast forward two decades and it’s come full circle to me wholly embracing uncomplicated jewellery. Here’s a look into my everyday jewellery edit.


The Stylist's Notebook October Jewellery Edit

There are rings I have for different moods and rings I have on my fingers every day. These two Dear Rae rings are the first of what I hope will be collection soon- I want one of the brand’s pretty little rings on each of finger eventually. I’m buying them slowly though, whenever the jewellers are in Joburg or I find myself in Cape Town where they’re based, I get a new one.  Both are brass and silver, which was has got me wearing mixed metals together all the time now.

A recent edition to my jewellery collection is this matte finish all black watch from Witchery. Witchery’s whole aesthetic, from clothing to accessories and the in-store merchandising is one that really speaks to me. And when it comes to timepiece trends like monochromatic watches, Witchery has really good prices on items you wear for a few seasons. I’ve been wearing it for two months now and so far none of the finish has worn off so it’s great on quality too.

The Stylist's Notebook Everyday Jewellery Edit

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was a child but when it comes to earrings, I stopped wear any for years until quite recently.  Someone once told me that you could have really basic, almost boring clothes as long you went big with accessories to keep on trend. This was years ago, before normcore had come and gone or minimalism was dominating retail rails. At the time I just didn’t get it. But without realising it I’ve started to dress like that. What does this have to do with earrings, you ask?

Well, for years I didn’t remember to put earrings in every day. This year I’ve made a point of finding small, delicate jewels for my ears and committing to switching up how I layer them often. I’ve come to love the trend of layering single earrings or mixing sets, having detachable parts and earring jackets that do double duty. These three pairs work well together for that. The gold hoops have detachable circular charms, having one charm on and one off is a cute, unexpected detail. These baby hoops and the simple diamante strips are from Country Road.

I’ve been bowled over by the quality of Country Road’s jewellery, it was recommended to me by a friend Gaby who also has sensitive ears. The designs are always fresh and the gold plating lasts where other jewellery has your skin going green in a few weeks. The last pair that I have in high rotation are the itty-bitty gold vermeil triangles from The Makery. The geometric shape is fun to add in, the only problem is that I want more than my double piercings so I can play with earring combinations!

The Stylist's Notebook Everyday Jewellery Edit

These three chains were gifts from people I’m blessed to have in my life. I recently worked a two-month stint in publishing with the editor of Wanted, Jacquie Myburg and on my birthday she was kind enough to give my some chains from her jewellery business, The Makery. The square outline in gold vermeil and the polished arrowhead shape from The Makery are both dainty and edgy. Then around the same time a dear friend gave me this airy rose gold chain with a tiny circular charm, it’s so delicate and sits just on collar bone- really good for layering on a daily basis and for dressing up a bit too.