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With yoga mat or camera in hand to guide clients through personalised practices or create beautiful content. I’m Sheena, a yoga teacher and content curator in search of a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. Between sharing the joy of yoga with private and corporate clients in the convenience of their homes or office spaces and creating content for brands with values like mine, I blog about the treasures I find on my journey. Looking for mindful collaborations or to find your zen? I might just be your girl.


Starting out bright-eyed in the fashion industry, I gained experience in fashion magazines before becoming a freelance fashion stylist. To indulge my love of writing and sharing digitally I started a blog. Through a small work injury that happened at a dark time in my life, I found yoga. After years of confusion and not quite feeling myself in body and mind, everything started to make sense. This beautiful practice has helped me find mental and physical health and my sense of spirituality. Being open-minded to yogic philosophy helped me come back to myself again and think more deeply about how my daily choices affected our planet. Yoga has given me so many great gifts. I hope that by guiding you in some way, online or in person, you can find some of your own gifts through yoga and mindfulness.

And so this website is where I get to share insights and reflections on mindfulness, health and wellness, movement, nourishing food, sustainable style, conscious travel and cruelty-free beauty.

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